Our major speciality is technical ship supply.

globe valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, flanges, bearings, bolts, steel pipes, metal sheets, bars, brake linings etc.

synthetic mooring ropes, synthetic miscellaneous ropes, shackles, steel wire ropes, non-rotating wire ropes, stainless steel wire ropes.

Lifting and lashing equipment
shackles, hooks, turnbuckle, wire ropes, wire rope slings, textile belt slings, endless slings

Packing and joiting materials
rubber sheets, manhole gaskets, non-asbestos high temp. joint sheets, rubber gaskets

Pressure gauges and thermometers
pressure gauges all kinds, thermometers all kinds

Petroleum products
lubricating oils, greases

anti-splashing tape, anti-corrosion tape, hatch sealing tape, anti-slip tape, zinc tape, PTFE tape, reflective tape

Electrical equipment
marine cables: marine power cables, halogen-free cables, fire resistant cables. All delivered cables are class certified.
lamps: navigaton lamps, pilot lamps, fluorescent lamps lighting fixtures, Ex. Lighting fixtures, batteries, maintenance free batteries

Marine safety equipment
pyrotechnics, pilot ladders, embarkation ladders, cargo and gangway nets, aluminium gangways, aluminium ladders, lifebuoys, lifejackets, immersion suits

Chemical products and aerosols
wide range of marine chemical products including: water and oil finding paste, crack detectors, liquid sealants, industrial glue, plastic steel

hand tools, electric and pneumatic power tools, accessories

PPE –Personal Protective Equipment
safety boots and shoes, helmets, jackets, gloves, safety glasses etc. coveralls, winter coveralls, fire retardant coveralls

Nautical equipment
BA Charts; publications and other navigation equipment, flags


Welfare items

Services such as:
laundry, technical drawings printing etc.